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Giro d'Italia

91st TOUR OF ITALY - FORLI'-CARPI STAGE - 171 km - 22 May 2008

As many of you will already know, on Thursday 22 May, Carpi will be hosting the 12th stage of the 91st Tour of Italy Cycle Race.
In view of the vast publicity it attracts throughout the country, this sports event represents a great chance to promote the economic growth of the town and expand tourism in the Carpi area, as well as boost the image of the Municipality and surrounding district.
In fact, the promotion of the sports event, through the various media channels, and which will also continue after the event, also promotes, at the same time, the image and resources of our municipal and provincial area. Lots of side initiatives have been organised to accompany the arrival of the stage race.

Arrivo Giro a Carpi
Percorso Arrivo Giro a Carpi
Altimetria Giro
Altimetria Giro d'Italia
Planimetria Giro
Planimetria Giro
La 12a Tappa
La 12a Tappa
La 12a Tappa
Le Tappe del Giro
Il Giro
Articolo sulla Gazzetta dello Sport
Le maglie rosa del Giro
Piazza Martiri - Carpi - Sede di arrivo
della 22a Tappa del Giro d'Italia 2008

Sabato 2 dicembre 2007 - Teatro Arcinboldi di Milano Presentazione del 91 Giro d'Italia - servizio RAI

Roberto Brancolini

Roberto Brancolini

Roberto Brancolini

PRESENTAZIONE BICI SCUOLA - Carpi, sala A.Loria 5 marzo 2008


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