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World Centenary Day

24th July 2008, Carpi

The day will start at 9.30 a.m. with Holy Mass celebrated in memory of Dorando Pietri, in the Cathedral where he married Teresa Dondi of Carpi on 19th August 1909. It will continue with the opening of the travelling exhibition Dorando Pietri, myth and reality, curated by Luciana Nora and staged in the Sala Cervi venue of Castello dei Pio. The highlight of the day will be the unveiling of the monument to the great marathon runner. The fourth postal cancellation will be issued on this occasion. The monument, titled Dorando is the winner, created by the sculptor Bernardino Morsani, will be positioned in Carpi, on the roundabout between via Cattani, via Ugo da Carpi and via Mulini and will be unveiled at 12.00, exactly one hundred years from the moment Pietri crossed the finishing line at the London Olympic Games. The work will have an overall height of 8 metres, with the bronze statue of the athlete measuring 3.30 metres, mounted on a pedestal featuring the 1908 finish in mosaic moulding on one side.

Heres the full programme

24 luglio 2008, cerimonie di apertura mostra a Dorando, intitolazione strada e inaugurazione monumento a Dorando

23 luglio 2008, concerto Piazza Martiri - Carpi

23 luglio 2008, convegno sul tema "50 anni di azzurri con le stellette" - Carpi

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